Parans Fiber Optic Lighting

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting – Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center

Challenges: Planned renovations in the Presbyterian/St. Lukes Medical Center’s Neonatal Unit presented a great opportunity to incorporate full-spectrum, healthy, natural daylight into this sensitive healthcare space that previously had to rely solely upon electric lighting. The problem was that the Neonatal Unit was four floors below the roof, making traditional skylights or even sun tubes… Read more »

Auto Tinting SageGlass - US Naval Academy

SageGlass – US Naval Academy, MacDonough Hall

Challenge: A leaky metal roof at the U.S. Naval Academy’s MacDonough Hall, one of the original buildings on the Naval Academy’s campus, needed a new roof, and the academy saw this as an opportunity to improve the building’s energy performance and maximize daylighting in the process, bringing healthy, natural daylight to the dreary interior. External… Read more »

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting at Uppsala University

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting – Uppsala University

Challenge: Studies show that students learn better and workers have better cognitive performance when they are allowed to work in natural light. Yet not all workplaces have good access to the healthy sunlight. This study area at Uppsala University does have a window, but more light was needed. Solution: A Parans receiver was mounted on… Read more »

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting – Södertälje Hospital

Challenge: The radiology department at Södertälje Hospital was, like many workplaces, lacking access to daylight. The placement in the centre of a large building made it impossible to place windows in all rooms, and the people occupying the rooms did not get enough of the healthy sunlight. Solution: The Parans Solar Cables easily pass through… Read more »

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting at Helsingborg Hospital

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting – Helsingborg Hospital

Challenge: The department of coronary angiography at the Hospital of Helsingborg is situated in the centre of a large building complex and no natural light could pass into the rooms. During long Swedish winters, the personnel told us that entire weeks would pass, without them seeing the sun. How could we bring the healthy sunlight… Read more »

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting Used For Algae Production

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting – Algae to Omega

Challenge: Algae are picky about the light they grow in, and they really just want sunlight. While lakes and oceans get lots of sunlight, it is a whole different deal inside a factory. To grow algae for industrial production of medicine, food or chemical processes, the environment has to be controlled and the growth medium… Read more »