Translucent Daylight – Pinnacle 350 Polygon Pyramid & Barrel Vaults – The Peoples Bank

Wasco Sales Representative: Joe Burton Company
General Contractor: NorthRidge Roofing
Wasco Certified Installer: Mill Contracting


Replace the more than 25-year-old, single glazed acrylic skylights in an Eatonton, Georgia bank. The existing skylights included a 21′ acrylic dome skylight positioned over the teller area and two large barrel vault units installed over the customer service desks. All of the units were leaking and were the source of uncontrolled glare and heat, which made both employees and customers uncomfortable and unproductive.


NorthRidge Roofing contracted Joe Burton Company to furnish and install the skylights. According to Wasco sales representative Lewis Burton of JBC, the clear winner for both energy efficiency and improved occupant comfort were Wasco Skylights.

To replace the dome, NorthRidge Roofing repaired the curb during re-roofing, and Wasco certified installer Mill Contracting installed a Pinnacle 350 twenty-sided polygon pyramid with energy-efficient 25mm Opal IR polycarbonate glazing.

The two vaulted skylights were replaced with 5′ x 25′ thermalized barrel vault systems with clear acrylic over Lumira® aerogel filled 16mm clear multiwall polycarbonate laylites.

The polycarbonate glazing on all skylights provides UV protection and beautifully diffused full spectrum daylight while minimizing heat gain.


(1) Pinnacle 350, Twenty-Sided Polygon Pyramid, 21′, 4/12 Pitch. Glazing: 25mm Opal IR Polycarbonate. Finish: Dark Bronze Anodized.

(2) Thermalized Barrel Vault with Vertical Ends, 5′ x 25′. Glazing: Clear Acrylic over Lumira® Aerogel Filled 16mm Clear Polycarbonate Panel Laylight. Finish: Mill.