Unit Skylights – Curb Mount & Deck Mount

For affordable alternatives to custom skylighting systems, Wasco Commercial Unit Skylights offer you a wide variety of choices.

Our standard Sentinel Fall Protection units meet OSHA fall protection standards in both deck mount and curb mount configurations, in pyramid or dome models.

Other models include hyperboloid prismatic, hurricane rated, blast resistant, ESFR rated shrink-out smoke vents, or Circular.

Our ultra energy efficient EcoSky3 incorporates cutting-edge Satin Sky 2 glazing paired with multiwall polycarbonate laylites filled with Lumira aerogel. EcoSky3 models are NFRC certified, meet IECC 2018 requirements in all climate zones, and meet OSHA fall protection standards.

Our curb mount glass unit, SkyMax, offers single light up to 32 square feet! SkyMax doubles the square footage of standard size flat glass unit skylights without loss of thermal efficiency. Its one piece extruded vinyl curb incorporates a condensation channel, eliminating the need for weep holes. This, combined with high-end glazing options, maximizes its thermal performance.

We also offer prefabricated curbs and safety screens. All with Wasco quality you can trust on the job — and for years to come.

Unit Skylights Brochure:  View  | Download PDF