Horizon M-Series Canopy System

Monolithic polycarbonate canopy system


  • Monolithic polycarbonate panel thickness of 3/8″
  • Up to 250 times impact strength of glass
  • Extruded aluminum edge guard at ends and sides as needed
  • Multiple structural options for design flexibility
  • Custom panel shapes available
  • Standard colors clear and white, other colors available
  • Architectural paint and anodized finishes available
  • Custom engineered for limitless design options


  • Rafter spacing up to 2′ on center
  • Up to 20′ continuous length without purlins
  • Minimum slope of 1/2″ in 12: Up to 3″ side edge overhang
  • Support structure by others
  • Consult sales representative for other span or framing requirements
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M-Series monolithic polycarbonate canopy system details


Available in a broad range of colors and finishes as well as copper cladding. (more information)

Architectural Series Finish Options