inside view of skylight in 450 post street case study

Horizon S-Series Pinnacle 350 Double Pitch Skylights

Challenge: The project location was an active hotel in the very crowded and congested Union Square area of San Francisco, with no available street parking. Work hours were restricted due to the fact that the hotel was fully operational at the time. To further complicate matters, there was no access to the roof and all… Read more »

Pinnacle 600 Double Pitch with Translucent Insulated Glass

Pinnacle 600 Double Pitch with Translucent Insulated Glass

Challenge: As part of a school district’s effort to refurbish and refresh their many instructional buildings, it was determined that portions of the roof at the Jamesville-DeWitt High School in Upstate New York needed to be replaced, including the skylight over the Media Center. Since the space already contained a metal framed skylight central to… Read more »

Continuous Vault System with UV Blocking Acrylic

Continuous Vault System with UV Blocking Acrylic

Challenge: The Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute’s Museum of Art was originally designed by world-renown architect Philip Johnson, one of the co-designers of the Seagrams building in New York city, once described by the New York Times as “the millennium’s most important building.” It was a ground-breaking design and the template for today’s modern skyscrapers, using an… Read more »

Acrylic Domed Units with Lumira Filled Laylites

Acrylic Domed Units with Lumira® Filled Laylites

Challenge: To supply sufficient diffused natural light to key sections of a 50,000 square foot supermarket while significantly reducing energy cost. Solution: From the start, architect Rick Ames of Boston-based Next Phase Studios envisioned the newly opened Augusta Hannaford store, the first LEED® Platinum supermarket in the U.S., as a day lit and low energy… Read more »

Fore Solutions Skylight Installations

Fore Solutions Using Wasco skylights

Gunnar Hubbard, AIA, LEED® Faculty, founded Fore Solutions in 2003. As a licensed architect, he has designed and built projects on both coasts of the U.S. and, as a green building consultant, has worked on green projects across the country and abroad. His goal is to provide forward thinking solutions for designers and owners in… Read more »

Barrel Vault Skylights at East End Elementary School

Continuous Vault Skylights

Challenge: To create an exemplary new high performance 73,000 SF learning environment using the USGBC LEED-NC rating system to guide and evaluate the project. Solution: Architect, Stephen Blatt and Daylighting Consultant, Gunnar Hubbard decided to use a system of skylights to integrate daylight into the learning environment. In the main lobby they chose Wasco’s Double… Read more »

Continuous Vault Skylights

Barrel Vault skylights – Congin Elementary School

Challenge: To increase daylighting, reduce energy consumption and create an enhanced and more efficient learning environment for the 300+ K-5 students who attend the Congin School in Westbrook, Maine. In 2004 this 42,600 SF building underwent a $4.2 million renovation that altered the school’s open concept floor plan and created a series of separate classrooms… Read more »