Before and after

Pinnacle 350 with Clear Multiwall Polycarbonate Panels Filled with Lumira Aerogel – The Center of Clayton

The Center of Clayton, located on the Clayton High School campus, is a joint venture between the city and school district, offering the ultimate experience in sports, fitness, swimming, recreational, educational and lifestyle enhancing programs. The Center’s 136,000 square feet includes four gymnasiums, two pools, lazy river, a suspended jogging track, weight lifting, aerobic/dance areas,… Read more »

Pinnacle Ridge at Urban Outfitters Anthropologie Headquarters

Pinnacle 350 Structural Ridge – Urban Outfitters Anthropologie Headquarters

In 2004 Urban Outfitters began a massive renovation of multiple dilapidated buildings in Philadelphia’s abandoned Navy Yards as part of an ongoing plan to consolidate their operations into a single campus. Building 18, formerly a metal foundry at The Navy Yard has been magically transformed into inspiring, creative and light filled work spaces for their… Read more »

Octagonal Pinnacle 600 Horizon Polycarbonate System

Octagonal Pinnacle 600 Horizon Polycarbonate System – Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute

Built in 1887, the Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute is part of the Virginia National Register of Historic Buildings and was voted one of the most beautiful hospitals in the US. Challenge: The existing 28′ skylight from this historic structure was well over 100 years old and badly in need of replacement. The old 1″… Read more »

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting

Parans Fiber Optic Lighting – Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center

Challenges: Planned renovations in the Presbyterian/St. Lukes Medical Center’s Neonatal Unit presented a great opportunity to incorporate full-spectrum, healthy, natural daylight into this sensitive healthcare space that previously had to rely solely upon electric lighting. The problem was that the Neonatal Unit was four floors below the roof, making traditional skylights or even sun tubes… Read more »

Lean-To 20mm Horizon - Ice Casino Case Study

Lean-To 20mm Horizon Polycarbonate Standing Seam System – Playland Ice Casino

History: Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987, the Playland “Ice Casino” was built in 1929, originally containing a main ice rink as well as a full dance floor on the second level that functioned as a dance hall through the 1940s and ’50s. It also had a full-service fine-dining restaurant and an outdoor café…. Read more »