Finished Lutz Residence Skylight

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Lutz Residence

Challenge: The 40-year-old Lutz family home was in very poor condition with unsafe wiring, extensive water damage, mold and rotting wood everywhere. The design concept was to let all the outside in with beautiful natural light to help recreate the feeling of a brownstone neighborhood in New York City, with separate doors going to all… Read more »

Barrel Vault Skylights at East End Elementary School

Continuous Vault Skylights

Challenge: To create an exemplary new high performance 73,000 SF learning environment using the USGBC LEED-NC rating system to guide and evaluate the project. Solution: Architect, Stephen Blatt and Daylighting Consultant, Gunnar Hubbard decided to use a system of skylights to integrate daylight into the learning environment. In the main lobby they chose Wasco’s Double… Read more »

Residence - Extended Pyramid

Extended Pyramid Skylight

Challenge: To bring more daylight into a narrow, oppressive, one story kitchen wing surrounded by tall buildings. The only access from the street to the construction site is via a tunnel. Zoning restrictions prohibit enlarging the footprint and, although the wing is long, it was divided by a chimney-breast that once served an 1837 cookstove… Read more »

Residence - Extended Pyramid

Extended Pyramid Skylight

Challenge: To increase the kitchen’s natural light and connect the isolated rooms of this 1930’s residence. In the original design, a small window overlooking a stairwell provided the kitchen’s only natural light. Solution: The new kitchen has a high ceiling with a Wasco Architectural Series skylight, clerestory windows, and a large window above a breakfast… Read more »

The 2005 Not So Big Showhouse - Pyramid

Pyramid Skylight – The Not So Big Showhouse

Challenge: To create a gathering space above the garage that can be used for presentations and double as a tea room. The architect, Sarah Susanka, wanted the space to feel as though it were outdoors, while being protected from the elements. Solution: Space, Light and Order – what Sarah Susanka calls the “primary ingredients” in… Read more »

Interior - Circular dome skylight

Circular Skylight – Governor Baxter School for the Deaf

Challenge: To create a one story 10,000 SF school that maximizes daylight without sacrificing energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the nation’s schools spend more than $6 billion each year for energy. If they all achieved energy savings of 30% through a combination of operational improvements, efficient and renewable energy technologies, and… Read more »

Private Residence with Classic Extended Pyramid Skylight

Extended Pyramid Skylights

Challenge: The owner was looking for a new classic-revival style home with modern amenities that looked like it had a sense of history, and had been around for a long time. The architects, Barba + Wheelock, wanted to maximize the use of daylighting because of the cooler northern climate and wonderful quality of light in… Read more »