Pyramid Skylight – The Not So Big Showhouse

Location: Orlando, Florida
Sarah Susanka, FAIA, President, Susanka Studios


To create a gathering space above the garage that can be used for presentations and double as a tea room. The architect, Sarah Susanka, wanted the space to feel as though it were outdoors, while being protected from the elements.


Space, Light and Order – what Sarah Susanka calls the “primary ingredients” in architectural design are evident in her treatment of this airy and polished tea room. Her signature – making the best use of a space through intelligent design – can be seen in the way she has used the sky as roof for this finely crafted space. To achieve this effect Susanka chose a 16′ x 16′ custom Pyramid skylight from Wasco’s award winning Architectural Series. “I wanted a glass canopy that would span the room and flood it with natural light,” says Susanka. “A Wasco skylight was the logical choice. The company consistently produces high quality custom work. I was confident I would get the results I wanted.”

Sarah Susanka, FAIA

Sarah Susanka is a bestselling author and architect who is considered a cultural visionary for the way in which she is revolutionizing the design of American homes. Her “build better, not bigger” approach to residential architecture has been embraced by homeowners, architects and builders across the country. Her Not So Big® philosophy has sparked an international dialogue that has been covered by the national media including The Oprah Show, Charlie Rose, USA Today, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal. Susanka is a sought after resource by industry groups and has spoken extensively for the American Institute of Architects and the National Association of Home Builders. Her Not So Big series of books are bestsellers, collectively selling over a million copies.

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