Architectural Series – Pinnacle 350 Lean-To System

Project: Glass House in the Garden
Location: New England
Architects: Flavin Architects, ZEN Associates

A mid-century style bonsai greenhouse and tearoom in New England.

The clients wished for a greenhouse where they could practice the art of training bonsai trees that incorporates and respects the surrounding natural landscape. Colin Flavin of Flavin Architects collaborated with Peter White of ZEN Associates on the design of this modern glass house set in the garden. White developed the concept drawings for a modern greenhouse similar to Philip Johnson’s Glass House. Project Architect Howard Raley refined the building to its essence of structural steel, aluminum window system and glass.


Achieving the minimum slope requirements within the steel roof structure depth, with only 12″ to accommodate the skylight, associated curbs and flashing, and intermediate supports.


According to the project architect Colin Flavin, AIA, Wasco’s Pinnacle 350 Lean-To system was chosen for a number of factors including, “Cost, simplicity, and installation detailing available on line for reference. The Wasco sales representative was very helpful and presented all of the available options for consideration.”

Flavin ArchitectsThe work of Flavin Architects is deeply rooted in the context in which our projects are sited; we call this approach to design Natural Modernism. The firm designs buildings that relate beautifully to their surroundings, with sculpted lines and timeless materials. With an aim to blur the distinction between inside and out, we use transparency and axial views to draw the eye to the natural world. The work is designed to tread lightly on the earth. We make innovative use of cutting-edge materials and techniques to conserve energy, water and the natural systems present on the site.

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