Horizon Series

Translucent Polycarbonate Daylighting Systems

Reduce Labor and Material Costs While Enhancing Performance

Wasco’s cellular, polycarbonate daylighting products are dry glazed systems that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and energy-efficient. The translucent Horizon System is easy to install and utilizes the industry’s most advanced, high-performance, lightweight multiwall polycarbonate panels that maintain high clarity and provide an outstanding balance of impact strength and stiffness, excellent thermal insulation, UV protection, flame and condensation control, and long-term high light transmission.

  • Provides high quality diffused daylighting
  • Reduces labor and material costs for skylight, vertical and canopy applications in both new construction and renovation projects
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Available with Lumira™ aerogel fill for increased thermal performance
  • Available with or without structural framing
  • Capable of a low rise radius for spans from 8’ to substantially larger spans