Lean-To – Polycarbonate

Wasco’s metal-framed translucent skylight structures offer virtually unlimited design possibilities for a fully customized configuration. Our lean-to metal-framed translucent skylight structures support spans of up to 22’ wide and unlimited lengths. Available in a wide range of finish options.

  • Reduces labor and material costs in both new construction and renovation projects
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Available with Lumira® Aerogel for superior thermal performance

Finish Options

Click color swatches below to preview.
Kynar and Baked Enamel colors shown. Anodized colors also available.

aged copper color optionAged Copperblack color swatchBlackbone white colorBone Whitebrick red colorBrick Redcolonial grey colorColonial Greycolonial white color optionColonial Whitehartford green color optionHartford Greeninterstate green color optionInterstate Greenquaker bronze color optionQuaker BronzeSandstone
  • Framing Options
  • Sizes
  • Polycarbonate Glazing Options
  • Finish Options
  • Performance

Pinnacle System

For spectacular large-scale custom structures spanning up to 40 feet, at any pitch you desire between 15° and 60°.

With its variable-pitch hinge design, the Pinnacle Systems offer you the versatility of a custom configured structural skylight system with the reliability and cost savings of standardized engineering, construction and installation. Fast on-site assembly and installation. Spans up to 40 feet, at any pitch you desire between 15° and 60°.

  • Built to order from stock for shorter lead times
  • Fewer parts, faster on-site assembly
  • Narrow profiles provide clean lines
  • Larger span capability
  • Available in Hurricane Resistant

Quicker Installation
Components always assemble the same consistent way. Sills encompass the entire perimeter so installers rely less on sealants.

Continuous sill enclosure around skylight perimeter helps reduce air infiltration through weep holes and effectively guards against water intrusion. Thermally-enhanced construction.

Concealed Fasteners
Through bolt fastening system further eases installation, providing a clean, aesthetically pleasing look on both the interior and exterior.

Framing System Supports Spans Up To (Approximate)* Aluminum Rafter Tube Depth
Pinnacle 350 9′ Wide 3.5″
Pinnacle 600 15′ Wide 6″
Pinnacle 900 22′ Wide 9″
*Approximate span widths depending on configuration and load. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Standard glazing of 25mm multiwall polycarbonate panels in Opal, Opal IR, Clear or Bronze. Lumira® Aerogel filled panels are available for greater thermal performance. Other colors and panel thicknesses are available, contact your local sales representative for more information.


Wasco skylight structures are available in a broad range of colors and finishes:

  • Mill (Standard)
  • Anodized, Kynar 500, Baked Enamel (more information)
  • Copper Clad
Test Method Results/Comments
Flame Spread 25mm Panel ASTM E-84 / UL 723 5 Flame / 75 Smoke
Smoke Developed IBC Class: CC1 Rated
Burn Extent 25mm Panel ASTM D-635 CC1 – less than 1”/minute
Self Ignition Temperature 25mm Panel ASTM D-1929 >650 deg F
OSHA Fall Protection Complete System OSHA (CFR) 29 part 1926 Passed – 800ft/lb impact load
Structural Performance Complete System (Job Specific Engineering Calculations will be provided)
Air Infiltration Complete System ASTM E-283 <0.01 cfm/ft² @ 6.2psf
Water Penetration Complete System ASTM E-331 No Water Penetration @ 15psf
Performance Data
U-factor 25mm Panel NFRC-100 Opal IR Panel
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 25mm Panel NFRC-200 Opal IR Panel
Visible Light Transmission 25mm Panel NFRC-202 Opal IR Panel
 Colors – Standard*  LT  SHGC  U-Factor
Opal IR (Infrared Blocking) 24% 0.37 0.36
Clear 72% 0.78 0.34
Opal 35% 0.51 0.34
Bronze 35% 0.51 0.34
Opal with Lumira Aerogel 27% 0.40 0.11
Clear with Lumira Aerogel 59% 0.61 0.11
Warranty  Test Method  Results/Comments
10 Years ASTM D-1925 Yellowing, Loss of Light Transmission Compared to original value
<6 Delta E after 10 Years
<2% Light Transmission after 10 Years

*Other colors and panel thicknesses are available, contact your local sales representative for more information.

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