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Plastic Glazed Curb Mount & Deck Mount Skylights, Shrink Out Heat, Smoke Vents & Fall Protection skylights - Wasco Skylights

Plastic Glazed Skylights

Unit Skylights - Curb Mount & Deck Mount

Unit Skylights - Deck & Curb Mount


For affordable alternatives to custom skylighting systems, Wasco Commercial Unit Skylights offer you a variety of choices. Our standard and Thermalized® solar Skydomes® come in both deck-mount and curb-mount configurations, for both flat and pitched roofs, in Circular, Pyramid and Dome models…and several different glazing options. We also offer OSHA-compliant Fall Protection skylights and screens. All with Wasco quality you can trust on the job — and for years to come.


Unit Skylight Options

Thermalized Sentinel Fall Protection (SS/SA)

• Engineered to resist a 775 ft. lb. impact without the use of metal grids or screens.
• Available in both curb-mount (SS) and deck-mount (SA) configurations.
• Provided with impact modified acrylic double domes or pyramids depending on size required.

See Fall Protection Units page for standard sizes.

Hurricane Resistant (HR)

Hurricane Resistant Glazing
• Provided with impact modified acrylic to meet test requirements: ASTM–1886, ASTM–1996, TAS 201, 202 and 203.
• Hurricane units model 5296 or smaller can achieve a 75DP rating. Units larger than model 5276 can achieve a 50DP rating.
• Available in sizes up to a model 5296
• Available in Curb-Mount (CS) models, in clear, white or bronze outer/clear or white glazing.

Specifications  | Approval Form

With Lumira Aerogel: Approval Form

Blast Resistant (BR)

Blast Resistant Glazing
• Provided with co-polyester to meet test requirements: ASTM–F1642–04, GSA–TS01–2003.
• Available in sizes up to a model 5276.
• Available in Curb-Mount (CS) models, in clear/clear or white glazing.

Specifications  | Approval Form


Pyramid Dome
• Available in Sentinel Fall Protection (SS/SA), Curb-Mount Fixed (CS), Deck-Mount Fixed (CA) or Venting (CV) models.

Lumira™ Aerogel

• Available in most Curb-Mount (CS),  Deck-Mount (CA) and Continuous Vaulted Systems.


Unit Skylight Safety Screens

• Easier Installation
Unit Skylight Safety Screens• 0.19” Gage 4" x 4" Welded Wire Mesh
• Can Be Used as Temporary Protection
• Meets the Intent of OSHA 29CFR 1910.23
• Galvanized Steel Standard, Optional Stainless Steel
• Adjustment Range of 4" In Width for Easy Installation
• Allows to Be Installed with No Penetration of Skylight

Specifications  | Approval Form


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Unit Skylights Brochure

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