Skylight Systems

Limitless Design Possibilities

Wasco offers limitless design possibilities for commercial skylighting projects with a full line of quality structural and unit skylights, continuous vault, low profile, and cluster systems that meet stringent design criteria. Systems are available with wide range of glazing, finishing, and custom size options. Fall protection, energy efficient, and hurricane rated glazings are offered.

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  • Circular Units

    Bring Skylights Full Circle These circular, curb-mounted domes have been updated to meet today’s expectations and specifications. With structural improvements like incorporating a vinyl curb and rolled aluminum retainers, Circular Units have reduced condensation and increased thermal performance compared to their earlier counterparts.

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  • Cluster and Extruded Gutter Systems

    Wasco’s Cluster Systems (CL, CLDD) allow for the creation of dramatic skylighting over large enclosures, utilizing site-built structural grid supports on flat roof applications. An Extruded Gutter configuration (EG, DDEG) is available for applications in which extra water carrying capacity is required or if continuous vaults are to be joined. Cluster and Extruded Gutter Systems… Read more »

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  • Domed Units

    Wasco curb mount or deck mount traditional domed units offer outstanding lighting and thermal performance in a versatile range of dome or pyramid styles. These energy saving sky windows offer the highest performance in a fixed unit plastic glazed skylight. Fixed units are also available as Hurricane Rated.   Download BIM Models for Revit® Standard Dome… Read more »

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  • Domed Units – Hurricane Resistant

    Wasco’s Hurricane Resistant unit provides superior safety and security that are Impact Rated for Wind-Borne Debris Region (WBDR) and meet other stringent state building codes for dome skylights in Wind Zone 3 coastal applications. Curb mount units available with double (CWS2) or triple (CWS3) impact modified acrylic domes. Provided with impact modified domes to meet test… Read more »

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  • EcoSky Series Thermally Efficient Unit Skylights

    Our Acrylite® Satin Sky® 2 glazing is an innovative acrylic sheet that is a powerful heat reflector which greatly reduces solar heat gain, making it ideal for both hot and cold climates. Satin Sky 2 is infrared blocking, light diffusing, and 100% haze white. EcoSky3 units are available with Lumira® aerogel filled multiwall polycarbonate laylites… Read more »

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  • Shrink-Out Smoke Vents

    Standard Shrink-Out Smoke Vents Shrink-Out Smoke Vents are gravity operated acrylic double domes designed to automatically shrink and fall out in the event of a fire. These units are generally used when buildings have no sprinkler system or they employ a standard sprinkler system designed to operate at 165 degrees. ESFR Rated Shrink-Out Smoke Vents… Read more »

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  • Tandem Unit System

    Acrylic Dome Unit Skylight System in Widths up to 8′ and Unlimited Lengths Wasco’s Thermally Broken Tandem Unit System (CTMD) offers virtually unlimited design possibilities for a fully customized configuration. The CTMD allows domes or dome assemblies to be combined side by side in a single frame. Domes are separated by a structural purlin and… Read more »

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