Wasco Offers Parans Solar Lighting Systems for Sale in the U.S.

Maine, U.S.A. & Sweden This revolutionary system penetrates the depth of a building to bring full spectrum sunlight to areas never before touched by the sun. Through an exclusive partnership with Sweden-based Parans Solar Lighting, Wasco Skylight Products is proud to announce that the revolutionary system that brings full spectrum sunlight into areas of a… Read more »

Wasco Able to Troubleshoot Custom Skylight Job in Aspen

Excerpt from: “Commercial Skylight Repair,” Skylight Specialist Inc. Aspen, CO A need was filled for a low pitch glass skylight with high or heavy snow loads An old friend of the glazing contractors is Wasco Products located in the small town of Sanford Maine. This family owned skylight company was established in 1935 and is… Read more »