Wasco Offers Parans Solar Lighting Systems for Sale in the U.S.

Maine, U.S.A. & Sweden

This revolutionary system penetrates the depth of a building to bring full spectrum sunlight to areas never before touched by the sun.

Through an exclusive partnership with Sweden-based Parans Solar Lighting, Wasco Skylight Products is proud to announce that the revolutionary system that brings full spectrum sunlight into areas of a building never before touched by the sun, is now available in the U.S. through Wasco’s network of dealers and its professional services group.

This lighting alternative, replacing artificial light with natural light, is proven to increase productivity by 16% and lower overall carbon emissions. To accomplish this, the patented Parans system tracks the sun and transfers it via fiber optics to inside environments and through specially designed luminaires(s). The system is fairly compact and easy to install.  Pricing varies based on use and other specifications.

The Parans system has been enthusiastically embraced by the architectural community, building owners, and even the residential market. “Parans fills an important void in the daylighting industry by bringing full spectrum daylight to interior spaces of buildings,” notes Keith Sportack of Pace Representatives, a leading firm that represents construction manufacturers. “The Parans system can bring natural daylight and all its amazing benefits to spaces even four floors below. Best of all, optical fibers transfer sunlight through the building’s structure so energy efficiency is not compromised.”

Current applications include general offices and conference rooms, health care facilities, government buildings and shopping malls, among others.

Recently showcased at LIGHTFAIR® International 2012, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, the Parans Solar Lighting by Wasco was very well received. “We are excited about the response we have received since the product launch at LIGHTFAIR®,” states Wasco’s CEO, Jeff Frank. “We are receiving calls daily from businesses and homeowners interested in bringing natural light into their environments and keeping all the health benefits of vitamin D intact.”

Wasco has worked on solutions for sun lighting for over 75 year and understands the importance of the sun’s impact on health and wellness.

For more information about the Parans Solar Lighting by Wasco, visit https://www.wascoskylights.com/product/parans-fiber-optic-daylighting-system/. Available for download is a product brochure, specifications and installation instructions. To get a quote or to spec out the product, email or call 800-388-0293.