Parans Fiber Optic Daylighting System

Sunlight 30 Floors Down

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of healthy full spectrum sunlight. The Parans SP4 Fiber Optic Daylighting system brings daylight into the darkest, most challenging spaces – even 300 feet down – retaining both light quality and luminosity, while filtering harmful IR and UV radiation.

  • Collectors follow the sun
  • Customized cable lengths up to 300 feet
  • Flexible and thin glass fiber optic cables
  • Modular and expandable system: 4 to 20 light points
  • No IR or UV radiation
  • Connected to the cloud
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Filling our indoor areas with healthy sunlight through the Parans Solar Lighting system, brings positive effects to our health and wellbeing.

  • Flicker-free natural sunlight that contains the full visible spectrum
  • Filters out all non-visible radiation, reducing the need for cooling our indoor environments

Applications include conference rooms, office spaces, long hallways, classrooms, condos, stairwells, health, care, and industrial plants.

The possibilities are limitless:

Parans - Before Parans - Point of Light
Parans - Shaft of Light Parans - Wall Light




This animation shows how the sun moves over the city, from sunrise to sunset. The rays of the sun reach the receivers of the Parans systems on the roof. The university building (left building) gets sunlight first. The receivers follow the sun during the day to catch all sun hours of the day. Through fiber optic cables, sunlight is transported in and through the building which is lit up by Paranslight: healthy sunlight via the Parans system. Rooms deep into buildings and far away from windows will flood in sunlight. Then, the Paranslight lit up the hospital (center building) and underground area. And then the sunlight reaches the office building (right building).

Parans SP4 Collectors - Fiber Optic DaylightingLike a sunflower, the Parans fiber optic daylighting system follows the sun throughout the day. Glass fiber optic cables transport the light, bringing natural, healthy sunlight deep into buildings up to 300 feet.

The Parans system brings the sunlight not only to one area, room or floor, but to every room and on every floor in the building. The people working, learning or recovering in the building could achieve better, learn better and faster and feel better because of the healthy natural light.

Modular and Expandable

The SP4 is a modular system that can easily be adapted, expanded and directed to specific areas in the building. Designers can select from four to twenty light points with customized length for each glass fiber optic cable.

Unmatched Design Flexibility for New and Retrofit

The cables of the SP4 are thin and flexible, which means that they can transport light both vertically and horizontally without structural intervention. This means that healthy sunlight may be transported to almost every room where people are working and learning.

No IR or UV-Radiation

Only the visible part of the sunlight is transported into the building, the IR and UV-radiation are filtered out. That means that much of the heat energy in the solar radiation is blocked, preventing the fading of colors and harm to materials.


Parans Fiber Optic Daylight - Prenatal UnitWhen a soft beam of sun illuminates a dim office, that office instantly becomes more valuable. Why? Simply put, we are made to love natural daylight. This previously dark room now fosters productivity, health and happiness. With most people spending most their time indoors, access to natural light is not only a hallmark of sustainable design, it also defines today’s most valuable real estate.

  • Dense urban development means reduced access to full spectrum light
  • Fiber optic daylighting provides full spectrum daylight as far down as 30 floors
  • People perform better, improved health, comfort, sales increase, less absenteeism
  • Can help meet daylighting credits in green building certification programs
  • New construction or retrofit. Cables easily bend in accommodate existing walls
  • Less HVAC demand because IR and UV radiation is filtered out
  • Consumes close to zero energy
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Reduces our dependence on artificial light that is ~30% of a buildings electric consumption
  • Increased real estate value

Parans SP4 Solar Collectors

Parans SP4 Collector

Parans SP4 Solar Collectors can be mounted on roofs or facades and will track the sun over the full day. Specially designed optical lenses capture and concentrate the optimal amount of sunlight into the Parans Solar Cable for immediate transfer to the inside of the building. Expandable from SP4-4 up to SP4-20.

Parans Solar Cable

The glass fiber optic cables that transport the captured sunlight are thin, flexible and have optimized light transmission. That means that natural sunlight can reach deep inside buildings to areas where sunlight normally never reaches! Customized lengths for each fiber optic cable allows sunlight to reach any interior room.

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Parans Solar Luminaires

Parans Luminaires - Point and Wall/Ceiling Lights

Spread the light in a variety of ways meeting your demands:

Point light – provides light over a large area
Ceiling light – provides light over the ceiling
Wall light – provides light over the wall

Download Luminaires Product Sheet

Parans Helpers

Parans Cable GlandParans offers a range of helpful installation equipment that can be used to facilitate installation. The Parans Cable Gland is used to seal the opening around the cables, creating a tight seal at protection rating IP54. This cable gland can be used for passing through inner and outer walls.