Wasco Able to Troubleshoot Custom Skylight Job in Aspen

Excerpt from: “Commercial Skylight Repair,” Skylight Specialist Inc.
Aspen, CO

A need was filled for a low pitch glass skylight with high or heavy snow loads

An old friend of the glazing contractors is Wasco Products located in the small town of Sanford Maine. This family owned skylight company was established in 1935 and is still in the same place it’s been for decades. They brought the term “Made in Maine” to mean something in the skylight industry. Wasco has kept up with and many times challenged our industry with bold new approaches to natural daylighting, a true tradition in excellence.

One such challenge was a building in downtown Aspen, CO. The general contractor asked for glass skylights with no glare and a low pitch but with a 90 pound snow load. The previous manufacturer he spoke with would not build it less than an 8:12 pitch, which was rejected by the designer.

The call to Wasco products was placed and their in-house engineers went to work. They completed the shop drawings and the engineering calculation, and had them on the desk of the contractor within a few weeks. The city of Aspen approved the drawings and Skylight Specialist Inc. installed two beautiful Wasco skylights. The owner of the building loved the new additions and the general contractor liked the way Skylight Specialist Inc. and Wasco Products worked to deliver what the customer wanted, even all the way out here in the west.