Manual Venting Skylight

EV – Self-Flashed Deck Mount

Our manual venting E-Class® model (EV) Skywindow® is ready to go right out of the box – no mastic, no step-flashing, no sealants. Our one-piece curbframe and Ultraseal® flashing design cuts 90 minute installation to 30 minutes!1 Plus, Wasco E–Class skylights deliver up to 46% more daylight!2 Our E–Class self-flashing skylights sit directly on the roof deck, giving you a larger glass area per rough opening compared to competitor. Backed by a 10 Year Leak Free Warranty.

  • Standard and custom sizes.
  • Wide range of accessories, glazings, and finish color options.
  • Condensation control without the use of weep holes for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Thermally broken vinyl curb frame.
  • Deck-mount – for use with thin roofing materials up to 3/4″ thick. such as composition, slate or wood shingles and shakes.
  • Minimum 3:12 roof pitch.

(1) Compared to the leading competitor.  (2) Venting models.

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EV2222 EV2230 EV2238 EV2246 EV2254 EV3030 EV3046 EV3054 EV4646
Rough Opening 22.5″ X 22.5″ 22.5″ X 30.5″ 22.5″ X 38.5″ 22.5″ X 46.5″ 22.5″ X 54.5″ 30.5″ X 30.5″ 30.5″ X 46.5″ 30.5″ X 54.5″ 46.5″ X 46.5″
Daylight Area 20.625″ X 20.625″ 20.625″ X 28.625″ 20.625″ 36.625″ 20.625″ X 44.625″ 20.625″ X 52.625″ 28.625″ X 28.625″ 28.625″ X 44.625″ 28.625″ X 52.625″ 44.625″ X 44.625″
Daylight Opening
(Square Feet)
2.95 4.1 5.25 6.39 7.54 5.69 8.87 10.46 13.83

Custom-sized E-Class self-flashing skylights are also available. Contact your local residential dealer or call 800-888-3589.

NOTE: For all rectangular units, specify dimension parallel to roof ridge first (width).

Thermal Performance NFRC Values*

EV Manual Venting
U-Factor SHGC VT
Tempered (EMT) 0.49 0.25 58%
Laminated (EML) 0.48 0.25 57%
White Laminated (EMLW)  0.49  0.24  41%


Explanation of Terms:

VT (Visible Light Transmission): Radiant energy from 380nm – 780nm wavelengths. (% Transmittance): percentage of visible light directly transmitted through glass. U-Factor Air-to-air thermal conductance of glass and associated air/gas layers; units are Btu/hr.ft2 deg F. SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient): Fraction of solar energy transferred indoors both directly (radiation) and indirectly (convection/absorption/re-radiation) through the glass (for reference, 1/8″ clear glass has a SHGC of 0.86).
*Thermal performance factors per NFRC 100.

Finish Colors

The standard baked enamel finish for all E-Class® Skylights is Quaker Bronze. Nine additional designer colors are available. Colors are shown below, approximated by computer display colors. Copper cladding is also available.



Glazing Options

eMAX3 Triple Silver Coated Glazing
Wasco’s standard glazing. eMAX3 is an energy efficient tempered over tempered glazing (EMT) which meets the version 6.0 Energy Star program for all climate zones. The eMAX3 Triple Silver Coated Series is a high performance Low-E insulated tempered glass with argon. Also available with tempered over laminated glass (EML).

White Laminated (EMLW)
White laminated glass features diffused lighting and energy efficiency with a thin opaque film laminated between two sheets of glass. It provides total privacy with a frosted translucent look. White laminated glass provides added safety and protection from damaging UV rays.