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Tubular Skylights - Wasco SkyTube



Wasco SkyTube - Tubular Skylights


Tubular sun tunnel skylights that bring bright natural sunlight to any room!

Wasco's Tubular Skylights 1 - SkyTube Roof Dome invisible spacer  ROOF DOME
Severe weather model1 UV-Resistant polycarbonate dome with patented optics transmits maximum natural light.
2 - SkyTube leak-proof roof flashing   LEAK-PROOF ROOF FLASHING
Spun aluminum flashing covers most roof pitches and material types, bringing bright natural light to any room.
3 - Two 15 inch adjustable light tubes   TWO 15” ADJUSTABLE LIGHT TUBES
Tubes are jointed to rotate up to 45° for ease of alignment. Mirrored interior finish reflects maximum light. Extension kit available for installations greater than 28”.
4 - Ceiling trim ring and diffuser   CEILING TRIM RING AND DIFFUSER
Interior ceiling trim ring snaps over the lower tube for an air-tight seal. The low profile diffuser attaches to the trim ring with a simple turn. Easy to remove for cleaning.

Two Sizes

10” SkyTube invisible spacer
14” SkyTube
10” SkyTube lights up to 150 square feet. 10” equals up to three 100 watt light bulbs2   14” SkyTube lights up to 300 square feet. 14” equals up to five 100 watt light bulbs2

Easy Installation

Cut opening, install flashing, insert adjustable tube, attach dome.
invisible spacer IN ATTIC
Measure, adjust and assemble tube components.
invisible spacer AT CEILING
Locate diffuser position and cut opening, attach ceiling ring and attach diffuser assembly.

Variety of Options

Extension Tubes             Electric Light Kit
  Solar Powered Dimmer
Extension Tubes
Available in 20” and 48” lengths
invisible spacer
Electric Light Kit
Converts skylight to a ceiling light at night. Works from a wall switch, and is UL approved.
invisible spacer
Solar Powered Dimmer
(Optional with 10” Model)
Control natural light day or night. Solar Powered dimmer snaps to the light tube. No hard wiring required.


Solar Powered DimmerThe Solar Powered Dimmer for SkyTube gives you the ability to control natural light provided by your Wasco SkyTube and allows you to install tubular skylights in rooms like bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms.

  • Easy to Install - No hard-wiring and retrofits all 10” Tubular Skylights;
  • Green Friendly - Powered by a solar panel and four(4) rechargeable Ni-MH batteries;
  • Easy to use - Three-button remote opens, closes and stops dimmer at any point in operation allowing full light control and turns the nightlight on and off;
  • Increased tube placement - Allows tubes to go in rooms like never before – bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms;
  • Unlimited adjustability of light output;
  • 2-LED nightlight feature offers soft, subtle light.
  • Perfect for Commercial or Residential daylighting

1 Units comply with Florida Building Code including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.
2 Based upon full mid-day sun and a 48 inch tube length

Residential Pricing Info

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SkyTube Brochure:
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Installation Instructions:
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