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Energy Efficient Skylights

Residential glazing options

Energy Efficient Skylights



Wasco’s eMAX3 is an energy efficient glazing which meets the version 6.0 Energy Star program for all climate zones. The eMAX3 Triple Silver Coated Series (EMT) is a high performance Low-E insulated glass with argon. This skylight is available in many standard sizes and will ship from stock within two days of receipt of order.

eMAX3, so named for its three layers of silver which limit solar heat gain and permit the maximum transmission of light, blocks 95% of ultraviolet rays and reduces window heat gain in the Wasco units by as much as 69% as compared to identical skylights constructed with two panes of clear glass.

eMAX3 is standard in E-Class and Curb-Mount models.



Wasco 30-30 Triple Glazed Series

Wasco’s 30-30 Triple Glazed is an energy efficient triple glazed skylight. When combined with other high performance design elements, Wasco’s 30-30
Triple Glazed
skylights provide up to 55% greater insulating value than double-paned skylights with ordinary glass.

30-30 Triple Glazed is available in E-Class and Curb-Mount models.



Wasco Skylights with Lumira™ Aerogel – For Superior Thermal Performance!

Lumira Aerogel

Wasco skylights with Lumira aerogel are the highest performing daylighting product available on the market today. Adapting nano technology in Wasco skylights provides practical everyday solutions in fenestration products. Lumira™ is able to provide a tremendous thermal insulator that is also environmentally sound. Lumira™ works so well because of what it does on a nano-scale. Lumira™ permanently stops connective, conductive, and thermal transfer without an appreciable drop in light transmission.

Lumira Aerogel Skylights

• UV stable polycarbonate glazing
• Superior thermal performance of a typical insulated glass skylight
• Glare-free, full spectrum diffused light
• “Green” product that’s perfect for Cradle to Cradle designs
• Completely moisture resistant
• Will not support growth of mold, mildew, or fungus
• Reduces sound transmission
• Performance will not deteriorate over time

Lumira™ Aerogel is available in E-ClassCurb-Mount and Architectural Series models.



E-Class (Deck Mount) Thermal Performance NFRC Unit Values*:

  Model EF   Models EV / EVMS
  Total Unit VLT Total Unit
Total Unit
  Total Unit VLT Total Unit
Total Unit
eMAX31 59% 0.44 0.25   59% 0.48 0.25
eMAX3 Laminated1 58% 0.43 0.25   58% 0.47 0.25
Triple Glaze 30-301 42% 0.29 0.22   42% 0.32 0.22
Lumira® Aerogel2 49% 0.16 0.54   49% 0.16 0.54


G-Series (Curb Mount) Thermal Performance NFRC Unit Values*:

  Model GS
  Total Unit VLT Total Unit
Total Unit
eMAX3 1 63% 0.49 0.27
eMAX3 Laminated 1 62% 0.48 0.27
Triple Glaze 30-30 1 46% 0.33 0.23
Lumira® Aerogel2 49% 0.16 0.54

*Thermal performance factors per NFRC 100.  1Total Unit.  2Center of Glazing.

Cutaway of Residential Glazing Options

Explanation of Terms

VLT (Visible Light): Radiant energy from 380nm - 780nm wave-lengths. (% Transmittance): percentage of visible light directly transmitted through glass.

U-Factor: air-to-air thermal conductance of glass and associated air/gas layers; units are Btu/hr.ft2 deg F.

SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)fraction of solar energy transferred indoors both directly (radiation) and indirectly (convection/absorption/re-radiation) through the glass (for reference, 1/8" clear glass has a SHGC of 0.86).

High Performance eMAX3: An outer pane of tempered Low-E glass coated on the interior surface with three layers of silver and an inner pane of tempered glass. Argon gas fills the airspace. 

High Performance eMAX3 Laminated: An outer pane of tempered Low-E glass coated on the interior surface with three layers of silver and an inner pane of heat strengthened laminated glass. Argon gas fills the airspace.

Lumira® Aerogel  is a trademark of Cabot Corporation. Sometimes called “frozen smoke”, aerogel is the lightest and best insulating solid in the world. Lumira aerogel, Cabot’s branded aerogel, is a hydrophobic aerogel produced as particles. Each particle consists largely of air, greater than 90 percent, contained in a structure with pore sizes less than the mean free path of air molecules, which severely inhibits heat transfer through the material. Cabot produces Lumira aerogel in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located near Frankfurt, Germany where it began commercial production in 2003. For more information about Lumira aerogel please visit www.cabotaerogel.com