This page contains text and files for promoting Wasco skylights on your website. Only information for the E-Class self-flashing deck mount, our most popular model, is shown. Not included are curb mount skylights, SkyTube tubular skylights, our fiber optic daylighting sytem, or our Architectural series skylights.

If you need information on these other daylighting products, or if have any questions, please contact Jim Lucas at  or (207) 216-4524.


Wasco’s E–Class® Self-Flashing Deck Mount Skylight

Is it time to replace your skylights? Wasco is the perfect fit!

Wasco E-Class and Curb-Mount skylights drop right on your existing opening saving you time and money!

• No reframing of the opening
• No sheet rocking
• Little or no painting or trim work
• Wasco follows the standard US sizing system
Up to 46% more daylight!*
E–Class self-flashing skylights sit on the deck, giving you a larger glass area per rough opening compared to competitors. Wasco’s Patented one-piece Ultraseal™ system is made from four different vinyls extruded into a single profile ensuring leak-proof performance.

• Available in custom and standard sizes
• Installs directly onto the roof deck
• Built in condensation control without “weep holes” for maximum energy efficiency
• Meets the version 6.0 Energy Star program for entire USA
• Easy retrofit – designed to fit American roof rafter spacings
• No reframing or changes to interior wall
• The most water tight unit available
• 10 year warranty
• Eligible for a 30% federal tax credit
• Made in USA since 1935


Solar Powered Motorized Venting Skylight (EVMS)

• Remote Operated
• Battery Powered
• Solar Charged

No Wiring Needed – Powered by a factory installed solar charged battery pack.

No Assembly Required – Simply lift the unit out of the box and fasten to the roof deck.

Energy Efficient – Condensation control without weep holes for maximum energy efficiency. eMAX3 Triple Silver Coated glazing gives even greater thermal efficiency.

Wireless Remote – A wireless RF hand-held remote gives you full control of all skylight functions for multiple units.

Rain Sensor – Automatically closes the skylight in damp weather.

*Venting models.

E-Class Options and Accessories

Aluminized Privacy Pleated SkyShade™ 
For venting or fixed models. Mounts in the skylight opening below the glass. Shades have no side rails, maximizing daylight.

Aluminum Telescopic Skylight Pole 
(6’2” to 10’4”) for manual operation of venting skylights.

Crank Handle Adapter
Replaces the standard crank handle to allow use of the Skylight Pole.

Aluminum Telescopic SkyShade Pole 
(3’ to 6’ or 6’ to 12’) for manual SkyShade™ operation

A baked enamel finish is standard on all models. We also offer anodized and high-performance designer color finishes with the most popular colors approximated below. Copper cladding is also available.

Finish Colors:

Quaker Bronze (Standard)
R-31, G-34, B-29

Bone White
R-232, G-232, B-228

Colonial White
R-228, G-225, B-209

R-0, G-0, B-0

Brick Red
R-122, G-39, B-30

Colonial Gray
R-81, G-77, B-71

R-189, G-178, B-167

Hartford Green
R-14, G-47, B-36

Interstate Green
R-0, G-77, B-68

Aged Copper
R-114, G-162, B-134


Energy Efficient Glazings

e-MAX3 Triple Silver Coated Glazing (Standard Glazing)

Wasco’s eMAX3 is an energy efficient glazing which meets the version 6.0 Energy Star program for all climate zones. The eMAX3 Triple Silver Coated Series is a high performance Low-E insulated glass with argon.

eMAX3, so named for its three layers of silver which limit solar heat gain and permit the maximum transmission of light, blocks 95% of ultraviolet rays and reduces window heat gain in the Wasco units by as much as 69% as compared to identical skylights constructed with two panes of clear glass. 

30-30 Triple Glazed (Optional Glazing)

Wasco’s 30-30 Triple Glazed Series is an energy efficient triple glazed skylight. When combined with other high performance design elements, Wasco’s 30-30 Triple Glazed skylights provide up to 55% greater insulating value than double-paned skylights with ordinary glass.

Lumira® Aerogel (Optional Glazing)

For Superior Thermal Performance!

Wasco skylights with Lumira™ aerogel are the highest performing daylighting product available on the market today. Adapting nano technology in Wasco skylights provides practical everyday solutions in fenestration products. Lumira™ is able to provide a tremendous thermal insulator that is also environmentally sound. Lumira™ works so well because of what it does on a nano-scale. Lumira™ permanently stops connective, conductive, and thermal transfer without an appreciable drop in light transmission.

• UV stable polycarbonate glazing
• Superior thermal performance of a typical insulated glass skylight
• Glare-free, full spectrum diffused light
• “Green” product that’s perfect for Cradle to Cradle designs
• Completely moisture resistant
• Will not support growth of mold, mildew, or fungus
• Reduces sound transmission
• Performance will not deteriorate over time