Thermalized Venting Acrylic Domed Units

Get the same high quality of Wasco Thermalized Fixed Acrylic Domed Units in an innovative venting model, available in both dome and pyramid styles. Domes are available in thermoformed acrylic or polycarbonate, single or double glazing. This energy saving solar skylight provides beautiful natural light with a convenient venting window.

Venting skylight features:

  • Double wall 1″ fiberglass insulated aluminum skin design
  • Permatherm® extruded vinyl curb frame and sash frame with thermally-fused corners
  • Heliarc-welded aluminum corners for long-term dependability
  • Venting hardware allows hinged sash to open to 11” for optimum ventilation
  • Fiberglass mesh screen
  • Accessories include eye handle with extension pole or motorization kit
  • Safety screens recommended
  • Standard Sizes
  • Glazes and Finishes
  • Options
  • Safety Considerations
Model Curb Mount (CSV)
O.D. of Curb
Deck Mount* (CAV)
Rough Opening
CSV/CAV–2828 25 ¼” x 25 ¼” 22 ½” x 22 ½”
CSV/CAV–2852 25 ¼” x 49 ¼” 22 ½” x 46 ½”
CSV/CAV–3636 33 ¼” x 33 ¼” 30 ½” x 30 ½”
CSV/CAV–3652 33 ¼” x 49 ¼” 30 ½” x 46 ½”
CSV/CAV–4242 40″ x 40″ 37 ¼” x 37 ¼”
CSV/CAV–5252 49 ¼” x 49 ¼” 46 ½” x 46 ½”
CSV/CAV–5236 49 ¼” x 33 ¼” 46 ½” x 30 ½”

Custom sizes are available.

Note: First dimension is the hinge side (*2852 is hinged on the 28 side).

Finish Colors

Frame finish is PVC, white interior and bronze exterior. Aluminum retainer frame.

Retainer Finish:

  • Mill (Standard)
  • Anodized, Kynar 500, Baked Enamel (more information)
  • Copper Clad

Glazing Options


  • Clear
  • #2412 Bronze
  • #2447 White


  • Clear
  • #2447 White

Adjustable Skylight PolePole Eye and Pole

Replaces the standard crank handle to allow use of the Skylight Pole.

LWS Motor Kit

Motor Kit for LWS SkylightA motorized retrofit to existing manually vented skylights. To motorize manually vented models, retrofit the hand crank casing with a WLS Motor Kit. Includes electric motor, rain sensor and wall mounted control unit. The WLS is a hard-wired electric motor with wall switch control. Installation by a certified electrician is recommended. Each motorized window must have its own control unit. LWS Motor and Switch cannot be ordered separately. Optional wireless LWS remote controls are available, purchased separately.

LWS Remote Control

LWS Remote ControlOptional replacement of wall mounted switch. For use with LWS Motorization Kit, RF (radio frequency) hand-held remote can control multiple venting skylights. Nine zones or “unit codes” are available to allow units to be controlled in groups and organized to your needs.

Safety Screens

Safety Screen - SkylightLightweight, easy to install, and meet the intent for OSHA fall protection standards. Wasco’s Safety Screens can be installed permanently over units or as temporary protection on construction sites.*


*Must be secured to roof or curb for temporary use.

Safety Considerations

Skylights pose an inherent risk of injury or death from fall throughs, and the safety of others is of the utmost importance to VELUX.  VELUX recommends that the customer, building owner or manager use additional protection with the skylight such as an exterior or interior safety cage, to enhance long-term safety.  The building owner or manager is responsible for providing fall protection around the skylight in accordance with OSHA regulations.  VELUX also recommends that the building owner or manager restrict roof access only to personnel who have been cautioned as to the location of the skylights, and warned not to sit, step or walk on the skylights.