Solar Smart Remote Control

Used with Solar Smart Motor Systems Only

A Solar Smart remote is included with the purchase of all EVMS model skylights. If the included remote is lost or damaged, call 800-888-3589 to order a replacement.

The Solar Smart wireless RF hand-held remote gives you full control of all skylight functions for up to 81 units. A minimum of one remote is required for skylight operation.

  • Large and readable bi-directional feedback display
  • Open / Close status displayed as percentage
  • Operator and Remote battery level displayed as percentage
  • Solar charge rate displayed in Milliampere (mA)
  • Temperature display
  • Automatic thermostat operation
  • 9 Programmable zones with up to 9 skylights assigned to a single zone
  • Multiple remotes can be used and easily synced by transferring information from the Main Remote to the Secondary Remote(s)
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