Parans Solar Lighting System

The Parans Solar Lighting System can track the sun over the full day, using every hour of sun. Only the visual part of the light spectrum is transported inside – IR and UV radiation are filtered out. That means that much of the heat energy in the solar radiation is blocked and the Parans light does not fade colours and harm materials like UV radiation does. The Parans SP3 consists of a receiver and optical fibre cabling.

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Sunlight is captured by Parans Solar Receivers on the outside of the building. Optical fibres transfer the sun light through the building structure and into the indoor environment. Inside, natural sunlight flows out of the simplisticly designed Parans Solar Luminaires… Here comes the sun!

Parans Building Application Diagram

Filling our indoor areas with healthy sunlight through the Parans Solar Lighting system, brings positive effects to our health and wellbeing.

  • Flicker-free natural sunlight that contains the full visible spectrum
  • Filters out all non-visible radiation, reducing the need for cooling our indoor environments

Parans Lighting System Conference Room Application  Parans Stairway Application

In any building where a comfortable and healthy indoor environment matters, Parans Solar Lighting offers a valuable contribution.

  • Finished Basements
  • Hallways
  • Interior rooms

Parans Lighting System Roof Fixture

Parans Solar Receiver
Parans Lighting System Roof FixtureParans SP3 solar receivers can be mounted on roofs or facades and will track the sun over the full day. Specially designed optical lenses capture and concentrate the optimal amount of sunlight into the Parans Solar Cable for immediate transfer to the inside of the building.

Parans Solar Cable
Parans Lighting System CableThe fibre cables that transport the captured sunlight are thin, flexible and have optimized light transmission. That means that natural sunlight can reach deep inside buildings… To areas where sunlight normally never reaches!

Parans Solar Luminaires
Inside, sunlight flows from Parans Solar Luminaires. Using no electricity, they create beautiful, healthy illumination by providing the highest quality light available… Natural sunlight!

L1 Luminaire

Parans L1 LuminaireThe Parans L1 Luminaire spreads part of the light, and shapes the beam of direct Parans light into a square of light. The square light beam reminds us of the light falling through a skylight and the luminaire adds shape to the room.

The Parans L1 Luminaire spreads part of the light and creates a square light beam, resembling the light falling through a window. The units can be hung together to make a larger light installation that opens up the room and distributes healthy sunlight.

The L1 Luminaire comes in two sizes – Small and Medium.

L2 Hybrid Luminaire

The Parans L2 Hybrid combines real sunlight with energy efficient LED lighting. It gives a healthy and pleasant experience of daylight.

Indoor lighting gets another dimension as the combination of light sources provides a complete solution. When the sun does not shine the luminaire provides electrical light.

L3 Spotlight

Parans L3 SpotlightThe Parans L3 Spotlight directs the light into a 30° spotlight beam, that can be pointed to highlight and illuminate. Mounted protruding, the L3 has maximum flexibility, whereas it gives a discrete look when mounted recessed.

Parans Helpers

Parans Installation HelpersParans offers a range of helpful installation equipment that can be used to facilitate installation. Parans Roof Brackets are available for different building techniques. Parans Cable Glands is used to close the opening around the cables, creating a tight seal.