Advanced Glazing Technologies

Advanced Glazing Technology for Maximum Control, Comfort & Efficiency

Advanced glazing allows you to harness all the positive benefits of natural daylight without suffering the undesirable effects such as excessive heat gain, glare and fading.

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  • Electrochromic Glass
  • Photovoltaic Glass
  • Translucent Insulated Glass
  • High Performance Glass
  • Multiwall Polycarbonate

An electronically tintable glass that can be switched from clear to a dark tint at the click of a button, or programmed to respond to changing sunlight and heat conditions. Energy consumption and costs are greatly reduced. Electrochromic glass offers significant advantages over conventionally glazed products because they provide the highest possible solar control without sacrificing the view through the glass.

Skylights are an ideal application for photovoltaic glass (PV). They are normally well exposed to the sunlight, allowing for optimal energy yield. PV skylights also improve thermal inner comfort, since most of the UV and infrared radiation are filtered out by the Silicon-based material. Semi-transparent PV glass reduces the need for artificial lighting, generates power, and provides thermal and sound insulation.

Used in architectural daylighting to provide the highest quality of diffused daylight, it converts harsh direct beam sunlight
into soft diffuse daylight while allowing you to design your desired light level without excessive heat gain, glare, or fading. Filling with Aerogel improves energy efficiency and reduces sound transmission.

High performance Low-E insulated glass options are available as an economical alternative to our other energy efficient Advanced Glazings. These triple silver coated options are engineered to provide high visible light transmittance while controlling solar heat gain, essential for minimizing cooling costs.

High-performance, lightweight panels maintain high clarity and provides an outstanding balance of impact strength and stiffness, excellent thermal insulation, UV protection, flame and condensation control, and long-term high light transmission. Panels filled with Lumira aerogel offer superior thermal performance of a typical insulated glass skylight, full spectrum diffused daylight, Completely moisture resistance, and reduced sound transmission.

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