Continuous Vault Systems – Florida Product Approved / Non-Impact

Wasco’s Continuous Vault systems are designed for unlimited applications utilizing site-built curbs on flat roofs.

• Ribs may be spaced at 48″ max o.c.
• Utilizing site-built or prefabricated curbs on flat roofs
• Vaults are glazed with impact modified acrylic in clear, tinted and thermal translucent options.

Low-Rise Continuous Vault Skylights:
Available in widths of up to 48″. The Hurricane Resistant models are glazed with impact modified acrylic with clear, tinted and translucent options, and are Florida Product Approved / Non-Impact (WBDR)/ Non HVHZ.

  • Safety Considerations
  • Sizes
  • Glazing & Finishes

Safety ConsiderationsWasco skylights are designed to withstand normal elements of the weather. They are not designed to withstand human impact or falling objects. These skylights should not be walked upon under any circumstances. The owner or designer should restrict access only to authorized personnel who have been adequately cautioned as to the location of the skylights and informed of the warning above, or said owner should provide protective guard rails or screens around the skylights.

Available Sizes

  • Vertical Ends (DDTBVV_FBC): Up to 48″ wide, unlimited lengths.
  • Formed Ends (DDTBV_FBC): Up to 48″ wide, unlimited lengths.


Glazing Options

Outer – Impact Modified Acrylic

  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • White
  • Satin Sky

Inner – Impact Modified Acrylic

  • Clear
  • White

Finish Options

  • Mill (Standard)
  • Anodized – Clear, Bronze (Dark, Medium or Light)
  • Kynar (Various colors)
  • Baked Enamel (Various colors)