Acrylic Domed (GSD)

Residential Skylights for Curb Mount Applications

Our fixed acrylic domed curb mount GSD model is designed to be used on a site-built curb. Curb mounted skylights consist of an insulated glass sealed between a thermally efficient, maintenance free, vinyl curb frame and an aluminum outer retainer frame. Wasco flashing (shingle and tile roofs only) is installed around the site-built curb. The skylight is then mounted onto the flashed curb and fastened into place.

SkyBlinds and other accessories are available. The GS model is available in standard and custom sizes, with a wide range of finish color options. Double-dome acrylic glazing options include clear or bronze outer dome over a clear inner dome.


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  • Standard Sizes
  • Glazes and Finishes
GS2222 GS2230 GS2238 GS2246 GS3030 GS3046 GS4646
Outside Curb Dimension 25.5″ X 25.5″ 25.5″ X 33.5″ 25.5″ X 41.5″ 25.5″ X 49.5″ 33.5″ X 33.5″ 33.5″ X 49.5″ 49.5″ X 49.5″
Daylight Area 21.125″ X 21.125″ 21.125″ X 29.125″ 21.125″ X 37.125″ 21.125″ X 45.125″ 29.125″ X 29.125″ 29.125″ X 45.125″ 45.125″ X 45.125″
Daylight Opening (Square Feet) 3.09 4.27 5.45 6.61 5.89 9.12 14.14

Custom sizes are available. Contact your local residential dealer or call 800-388-0293.

Curb dimensions based upon 1½” thickness. Both the rough opening and outside curb dimension must be adhered to for proper fit.

Finish Colors

The standard baked enamel finish for all Curb Mount Skylights is Quaker Bronze. Nine additional designer colors are available, as well as copper cladding.


Glazing Options

Double domed acrylic with your choice of clear or bronze outer dome over a clear inner dome.