Canopy Systems – Horizon C-Series

An Economical Solution to Your Custom Low Slope Canopy Designs

Wasco’s Horizon C-Series Canopy Systems features custom canopy designs with multiwall polycarbonate. This canopy system has a 20mm standing seam polycarbonate batten panel assembly, utilizing concealed stainless steel clips for attachment to the support structure. Standard panels up to 39′ in length, with snap on battens, eliminate exposed fasteners, gaskets, sealants and horizontal joints, providing an extremely attractive, weather tight system.

Our multiwall polycarbonate material is lightweight, impact resistant and can be cold curved which makes it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial pavilions and walkways.

Self supporting aluminum framing systems are available, or the system can be installed on support by others. Available as fixed sill, adjustable sill or skin systems.

Available in various panel colors and configurations, with a 10 year system warranty, the Horizon C-Series Canopy System by Wasco is a top choice of design professionals throughout the United States.

Wasco is a leading innovator in high-performance translucent custom canopies, shelters and outdoor structures. Our design team, engineers, and fabricators will custom design and build around your specifications.

Wasco Standing Seam Translucent Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel Systems:

  • For Shelters, Entrances, Covered and Enclosed Walkways
  • UV Stable
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Long-Span Aluminum System
  • Fixed Sill, Adjustable Sill or Skin Systems
  • Modular Panel System
  • Simple Installation
  • Pleasant Natural Daylight Transmission
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  • Glazes and Finishes
  • Performance


Bronze and Clear Anodized Wasco aluminum framing systems stocked. All other Wasco finishes also available, contact your local sales representative for more information.


Clear, Clear IR, Opal, Opal IR, Green, Blue and Bronze stocked. Other glazing options available, contact your local sales representative for more information.


Test Method Results/Comments
Flame Spread 20mm Panel ASTM E-84 / UL 723 10 flame / 20 smoke
Smoke Developed IBC Class: CC1 Rated
Burn Extent 20mm Panel ASTM D-635 CC1 – less than 1”/minute
Self Ignition Temperature 20mm Panel ASTM D-1929 986 deg F

Impact & Loading

Test Method Results/Comments
Impact Strength 20mm Panel ASTM E-822 No damage: 1.57” Diameter Hail @65 ft/sec
Uniform Load Deflection Panel Joint ASTM E-330 Deflection: 0.60” @+60psf; 0.33” @-60psf
Frame Joint Deflection: 0.01” @+60psf; 0.16” @-60psf
Uniform Load Structural Panel Joint ASTM E-330 Deflection: 0.01” @+120psf; 0.01” @-90psf
Frame Joint Deflection: 0.01” @+120psf; 0.01” @-90psf


Test Method Results/Comments
Air Infiltration Complete System ASTM E-283 <0.01 cfm/ft² @ 1.57psf
Water Penetration Complete System ASTM E-331 No Water Penetration @ 12psf

Performance Data

Color LT SHGC U-Factor
Opal IR (Infrared Blocking) 29% 0.42 0.36
Clear IR (Infrared Blocking) 55% 0.45 0.36
Clear 58% 0.62 0.36
Opal 33% 0.48 0.36
Green 48% 0.53 0.36
Blue 52% 0.56 0.36
Bronze 40% 0.45 0.36


Warranty Test Method Results/Comments
10 Years Complete System ASTM D-1925 Yellowing, Loss of Light Transmission
Compared to original value
<10 Delta E after 10 Years
<6% Light Transmission after 10 Years