Fiber Optic Daylighting

Natural, Healthy Sunlight…Even 4 Floors Below!

The Parans system can track the sun over the full day, using every hour of sun. Only the visual part of the light spectrum is transported inside – IR and UV radiation are filtered out. That means that much of the heat energy in the solar radiation is blocked and the Parans light does not fade colours and harm materials like UV radiation does. The Parans SP3 consists of a receiver and optical fibre cabling.

The receiver follows the sun over the day to collect its light. Specially designed optical lenses capture and concentrate the optimal amount of sunlight into the Parans cable for immediate transfer to the inside of the building. Our system transports the precious sunlight to indoor spaces that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

The intelligent Parans system makes the installation simple, as it comes pre-programmed from the factory. On site the unit is fastened, cables are ducted to the inside luminaires, roof and walls are resealed, and the system is ready to be powered. Installation is rather simple and the steps are comparable to installing a satellite dish, but always read the Installation Manual before installing the products!

To each Parans receiver, six solar cables are attached. There are four standard lengths at 16, 32, 50 or 65 feet meaning that light can be brought two, three, even four floors down. The cables have very good ability to transport light while retaining the full spectrum of sunlight. The cables are thin and flexible, and can transport light both vertically and horizontally, occupying very little space.

Each cable gives one point light and should be connected to our luminaires – L1 Luminaire, L2 Hybrid, L2 Pure and L3 Spotlight.

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