Wasco Introduces Electronically Tintable Skylights Controlled From Your Mobile Device!

SageGlass® Unplugged Controls Glare & Heat Without Shades

The SageGlass® Unplugged electronically tintable skylight system provides a beautiful and cost-effective way to optimize and control sunlight without blinds or shades, so you can manage glare and heat while maintaining a view to the outdoors. The solar charged battery powered system is factory installed and wireless. Motorized venting models EVMS and GSVMS add ventilation for even more of a connection with the outdoors.

SageGlass Unplugged is remote controlled with your mobile device. Simply download a free iOS or Android SageGlass app.

The SageGlass Unplugged system can group multiple skylights into zones which are controlled together by the SageGlass app. A single system can control multiple zones. A zone is defined as a single skylight or a group of skylights that will tint simultaneously.

  • Offered in Select Standard Sizes of self-flashing E-Class and curb mount G-Series skylightse-class-sage
  • Eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit for Cost of Unit and Installation
  • Controls Heat and Glare, Reduces Fading
  • Eliminates Need for Shades, Blinds and Louvers
  • Improves Home Energy Efficiency
  • Wireless – Powered by a Solar Charged Battery
  • Remote Controlled with Your Mobile Device

About SageGlass: SageGlass is electrochromic dynamic glass that tints and clears on demand or automatically to block up to 99 percent of visible light (i.e. one percent visible light transmission) without obstructing the view and connection to the outdoors. SageGlass saves energy and improves the way people experience daylight in buildings by modulating the amount of light, heat gain and glare that enters the indoor environment. www.sageglass.com

About Wasco: Made in the USA since 1935, Wasco is the oldest, largest skylight manufacturer in the industry. Now with two locations serving the entire country, with its home office in Wells, ME and a new western facility in Reno, NV, putting it less than 24 hours away from any major city in the western US. Wasco has a very extensive product offering from small, standardized residential units to large, custom, monumental glass structures… and everything in between. Wasco is a cutting edge technology provider, with the nation’s most comprehensive line of green, energy efficient daylighting solutions available today. From fiber optic daylighting technology, Lumira® aerogel, electronically tintable glass, translucent insulated glass, and photovoltaics. www.wascoskylights.com