Parans Fiber Optic Lighting – Södertälje Hospital

Natural sunlight was brought into the inner rooms of Södertälje Hospital using the Parans system.

Location: Sweden


The radiology departmenParanst at Södertälje Hospital was, like many workplaces, lacking access to daylight. The placement in the centre of a large building made it impossible to place windows in all rooms, and the people occupying the rooms did not get enough of the healthy sunlight.


The Parans Solar Cables easily pass through firewalls and tight bends. As the roof was too far away, the solution was to place two systems on the East and West facades. One system brings the morning sun into the control room, and when the sun moves to the other side of the building, another system brings the light into a break room along the other wall. That way, both weather and time translate through the thin fibre cables. “We actually turn off all electrical lighting when the sun is out”, states one of the doctors.

On one of the façades, a Parans receiver was placed to harvest natural sunlight. The light is transported about 10 meters into the massive building, through the thin Parans Solar Cables. Inside, a series of L1 luminaires spread the light and keep the staff in touch with the outside. They can experience the change of weather and the passing of the day, also without windows.

“The result is brilliant,” says Rolf Skuncke, chief physician at the radiology department at Södertälje Hospital.