Parans Fiber Optic Lighting – Algae to Omega

Parans Solar Lighting makes sunlight available for controlled industrial processes.

Location: Oakland Park, FL


Algae are picky about the light they grow in, and they really just want sunlight. While lakes and oceans get lots of sunlight, it is a whole different deal inside a factory. To grow algae for industrial production of medicine, food or chemical processes, the environment has to be controlled and the growth medium encapsulated. That means that it is hard to get enough sunlight to the algae.


A series of Parans systems were installed on the roof. The receivers follow the sun over the day, and harvest that splendid light that is flowing at us from the sun. The light is then conducted through fibre optical cabling to reach the growth medium, where the algae are growing in a safe and clean environment. Since the cables can reach far into the water, algae can also grow vertically, in large tanks. This means that space is used more efficiently from our skylight into their new home every day.”