Wasco Skyblinds Skylight Shades

Wasco SkyBlinds™ Skylight Shades

Offering outstanding flexibility in controlling the light and heat that enters a room. SkyBlinds are pleated polyester cellular fabrics that have cells which create dead air space and therefore offer better insulation characteristics. They also hide the cords inside the cells which gives a more pleasing appearance and are non-woven material which gives them the soft light filtering appearance.

SkyBlinds can be installed at any angle, even upside-down. They are operated by a telescopic pole that fits into a recess in the travel rail and is pushed or pulled to move the shade to any position desired.
  • Economical
  • Saves heating and cooling costs
  • Cuts over 90% harmful UV rays
  • Sound absorbing
  • Easy to install – attach several clips and snap the shade into the window shaft
  • Easy to control


% Light Stopped % Heat Gain Stopped % UV Stopped
Cellular Light
Cellular Room Darkening

The shades fit into the window shaft below the skylight window – within 3" of the glass or plastic. They are operated by telescopic pole. All shades come with aluminum side rails, which stop light from coming in around the edges of the fabric, frame the shade and help support the fabric in longer shades. Each shade bottom rail comes with a spring and turnbuckle to make any tension adjustment required.

It is recommended that all shades be operated intermittently in order to maintain the integrity of the pleats. If a shade has been left open for a long time and some pleats lose their memory, the user should manually accordion closed the fabric and keep the shade in a compressed condition for several days in the sun. This will reset the pleats.

SkyBlinds are easy to clean. Occasionally brush your shades with a feather duster or with a light sweep of a vacuum, using a hand held brush attachment.

Please request the SkyBlinds Swatch Sheet before choosing a shade. Call 800-388-0293 or request it online here.

Light Filtering Fabric

Light Filtering Fabric - Frost

Frost - Click to zoom

Light Filtering Fabric - Oatmeal

Oatmeal - Click to zoom


Room Darkening Fabric

Room Darkening Fabric - Alabaster

 Alabaster - Click to zoom

Room Darkening Fabric - Eggshell

Eggshell - Click to zoom