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Architectural Series Configurations, Skylight Systems, Residential Skylights for Home Building Contractors - Wasco Skylights

Architectural Series Skylights

Architectural Skylight Configurations

Architectural Series Skylights Residential Design - Pyramid Skylight Residential Design - Planar Skylight Residential Design - Arched Skylight Residential Design - Spherical Skylight

Pyramid Systems
A lightweight system for flat roofs providing spans of up to 6'6”. Available in square, octagonal, double pitched and extended configurations.

Planar System
Developed for pitched roof applications, this system lays over roof rafters, creating a narrow line frame.

Arched System
This system creates a long, continuous curved element for your ceiling design. For both flat and pitched roofs.

Spherical Skylights
Developed for both flat and pitched roofs, this skylight is double-glazed with durable, high molecular weight acrylic.

Large Unit
SkyMax - Large flat glass unit skylight - single light up to 32 square feet!