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Code Information | Home Builders & Developers | Wasco Skylights

Professionals - Builders

Code Info – High Energy Performance Skylights for Builders

All 50 states have recently undergone an overhaul of the building and energy codes. By the end of 2003, all 50 states were required to review their codes and establish minimum standards in terms of energy codes. Most of those standards are included in the International Building Code and the International Residential Code.

Almost all Wasco products are ENERGY STAR rated products in all 50 states. ENERGY STAR is the safe route to code compliance for designers, architects and builders and guarantees a high energy performance of our skylights.

Wasco provides the highest quality energy efficient skylights for home builders and developers. Find more information about Lumira™ Aerogel (formerly Nanogel® aerogel) Thermal Units and other highly versatile, easy to install skylights available in custom and standard styles for custom homes, commercial builders, rebuilds and renovations.