Large Span Glass Skylights - Skymax

SkyMax Large Span Glass Units

Maximized Daylighting and Thermal Performance – Energy Efficient Single Light up to 32 Square Feet!

SkyMax doubles the square footage of standard size flat glass unit skylights without loss of thermal efficiency.

SkyMax combines the thermal performance of our smaller vinyl frame unit skylights with the structural benefits of our larger aluminum framed structural skylights.

SkyMax’s one piece extruded vinyl curb incorporates a condensation channel, eliminating the need for weep holes. This, combined with high-end glazing options, maximizes its thermal performance.

The SkyMax’s vinyl frame is structurally reinforced with aluminum, allowing large single light spans.

  • Single Light Up to 32 Square Feet – Eight Feet at Longest Dimension
  • Meets Most Local Energy Codes and Can Meet IECC in All Climate Zones*
  • 10 Year Warranty


*Dependent on use of lighting controls and other factors. Contact Wasco for more information.

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  • Standard Sizes
  • Glazes and Finishes
  • Safety Considerations
UnitO.D. of Curb
GSM525249 1/4″ x 49 1/4″
GSM527649 1/4″x 72 1/2″
GSM529649 1/4″ x 92 1/2″
GSM606058″ x 58″

Custom sizes available.

Glazing Options

1-1/16″ Solarban 70XL (2)/Air/Clear HS Laminated is standard. Custom glazing is available, contact your local sales representative for more information.

Finish Options

Curb Finish:

  • PVC – White Interior, Bronze Exterior

Retainer Finish:

  • Quaker Bronze (Standard)
  • Mill
  • Anodized – Clear, Bronze (Dark, Medium or Light), or Black
  • Kynar (Various colors)
  • Baked Enamel (Various colors)

Safety ConsiderationsWasco skylights are designed to withstand normal elements of the weather. They are not designed to withstand human impact or falling objects. These skylights should not be walked upon under any circumstances. The owner or designer should restrict access only to authorized personnel who have been adequately cautioned as to the location of the skylights and informed of the warning above, or said owner should provide protective guard rails or screens around the skylights.