Hurricane Resistant Skylights

Hurricane Resistant (GSHR)

Residential Skylights for Curb Mount Applications

Wasco Skylights with hurricane-resistant glazing meet Dade County, IBC/IRC/FBC, and other stringent state building codes for skylights installed in Wind Zone 3 coastal applications. Hurricane resistant glass appears to be ordinary glass, but shields against damage from wind-borne debris, accidental impacts, forced entry and even unwanted noise. Not available in venting models.

Our fixed curb mount hurricane resistant GSHR model is designed to be used on a site-built curb. Curb mounted skylights consist of an insulated glass sealed between a thermally efficient, maintenance free, vinyl curb frame and an aluminum outer retainer frame. Wasco flashing (shingle and tile roofs only) is installed around the site-built curb. The skylight is then mounted onto the flashed curb and fastened into place. SkyBlinds and other accessories are available. The GS model is available in standard sizes, with a wide range of  finish color options.

  • Outstanding performance for tile or metal roofs as well as wood shingle and shake, or common asphalt or fiberglass shingles
  • Well-suited to thick roofing materials such as clay tile and concrete
  • Rugged, one-piece Permatherm® Vinyl Curb reduces thermal conductivity and condensation
  • Built-in condensation channel controls indoor moisture in higher humidity areas
  • Co-extruded Weather Gasket ensures minimal air infiltration
  • Protective aluminum retainer with durable enamel finish
  • Integral Nailing Sill for fast and easy installation
  • Standard sizes fit 16″ and 24″ on-center roof rafters
  • For use with curb and flashing. Minimum 3½” curb height required.
  • No minimum roof pitch required
  • Not for vertical applications
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  • Glazes and Finishes
  • Standard Sizes

Finish Colors

The standard baked enamel finish for all Curb Mount Skylights is Quaker Bronze. Nine additional designer colors are available, as well as copper cladding.



Wasco’s hurricane-resistant glazing meets Dade County, IBC/IRC/FBC and other stringent state building codes for skylights installed in Wind Zone 3 coastal applications.

Though it looks like ordinary glass, hurricane-resistant glass shields against damage from wind-borne debris, accidental impacts, forced entry, even unwanted noise. It’s made of heat strengthened low-E lites permanently bonded with one or more interlayers of durable SGP (DuPont SentryGlas® Plus). In exhaustive impact tests, broken glass fragments have adhered to the bonded plastic vinyl interlayer, reducing the risk of injury, shattered glass and breaching the building envelope.

Outside Curb Dimension17.5″ X 33.5″17.5″ X 49.5″25.5″ X 25.5″25.5″ X 33.5″25.5″ X 41.5″25.5″ X 49.5″33.5″ X 33.5″33.5″ X 49.5″49.5″ X 49.5″
Daylight Area13.125″ X 29.125″13.125″ X 45.125″21.125″ X 21.125″21.125″ X 29.125″21.125″ X 37.125″21.125″ X 45.125″29.125″ X 29.125″29.125″ X 45.125″45.125″ X 45.125″
Daylight Opening (Square Feet)2.654.

Custom sizes are not available for this model

Curb dimensions based upon 1½” thickness. Both the rough opening and outside curb dimension must be adhered to for proper fit.