Hurricane Resistant Skylights

Hurricane-Resistant Low-E Insulating Glass

  • Available for E-Class™ self-flashing skylights, Curb-Mount and Architectural Series skylights
  • The largest selection of types, styles and sizes available — including customized Architectural designs — both deck-mount and curb-mount
  • Meets all Dade County, IBC/IRC, Florida and Texas Dept. of Insurance protocols

Wasco skylights are available with high performance hurricane-resistant laminated glass, providing superior safety and security that meets Dade County, IBC/IRC and other stringent state building codes for skylights installed in Wind Zone 3 coastal applications.

Though it looks like ordinary glass, hurricane-resistant glass shields against damage from wind-borne debris, accidental impacts, forced entry, even unwanted noise. It’s made of heat strengthened low-E lites permanently bonded with one or more interlayers of durable SGP (DuPont SentryGlas® Plus). In exhaustive impact tests, broken glass fragments have adhered to the bonded plastic vinyl interlayer, reducing the risk of injury, shattered glass and breaching the building envelope. Hurricane-resistant glass helps preserve the building envelope, keeping wind, rain, excess air pressure and noise out.

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