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Plastic Glazed Skylights, Custom Lumi Duct Skydome Light Well Systems - Wasco Skylights

Wasco Lumi-Duct Skydome™ - Light Well Skylight Systems


To achieve ultimate daylighting benefits, architects, engineers and facility managers now have a new weapon in their arsenal. Wasco Products, Inc., the leader in skylighting solutions for both work and home, introduces the new energy efficient Lumi-Duct Skydome™ – a light-well systems that reduces heating and cooling loads while maximizing the benefits of daylighting.

Lumi-Duct Skydome™ Maximizes Daylight

LumiDuctWasco’s Lumi-Duct Skydome™ is a mirrored light-well designed to reflect 89% of light transmission without loss of color (100 CRI full spectrum). The way it works is that the daylight is gathered at the roof and directed down to a prismatic diffuser that then distributes the light evenly and efficiently. And according to a 2003 study conducted on behalf of the California Energy Commission, daylighting technologies like this results in better grades for students, higher profits for store owners and increased worker productivity.

Light Well Systems for All High & Drop Ceilings

Easy to install, Lumi-Duct Skydome™ light-well systems are appropriate for all types of high ceiling/drop ceiling applications. The system features a self-flashing, thermally broken, aluminum frame roof dome that accommodates both flat and pitched roofs. The double-glazed dome has a greater reduction coefficient that can reduce electrical lighting needs by up to 90% during daylight hours.

Custom & Hybrid Lumi-Duct Light Well Systems

The Lumi-Duct Skydome™ light well systems fit 2' x 2' or 4' x 4' T-bar ceiling grids with custom sizes and lengths up to 10 feet. Standard finishes include anodized and baked enamel. The Lumi-Duct Skydome™ can also be utilized in a hybrid system combining both natural and artificial light for large installations. Fall protection systems are also offered.

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Lumi-Duct Light Well
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