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Lumira aerogel Skylights, High Performance Skylight, Skylights for Commercial Builders - Wasco Skylight

High Performance Skylights

Wasco Skylights with Lumira™ Aerogel for superior thermal performance!

Lumira AerogelWasco skylights with Lumira™ aerogel are the highest performing daylighting product available on the market today. They are an excellent value and can substantially reduce energy costs and provide a great return on investment. Transform your daylighting applications into environmentally friendly sustainable, energy-efficient designs.

What is Lumira™ Aerogel?

Performance Data

Benefits of Diffused Daylighting

Available in Unit and Structural Skylights

Download Lumira™ Aerogel Brochure

What is Lumira™ Aerogel?
Lumira™ aerogel is a major breakthrough in insulating technology. By adapting nano technology to practical everyday solutions in fenestration products, Lumira™ aerogel is able to provide a tremendous thermal insulator that is also environmentally sound. Lumira™ aerogel works so well because of what it does on a nano-scale. Lumira™ aerogel permanently stops connective, conductive, thermal transfer without an appreciable drop in light transmission.

  • Superior thermal performance
  • Glare-free, full spectrum diffused light
  • “Green" product that’s perfect for Cradle to Cradle designs
  • Completely moisture resistant
  • Will not support growth of mold, mildew, or fungus
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • UV stable
  • Performance will not deteriorate over time

Performance Data on Wasco® Skylights with Lumira™ Aerogel

Thermal Performance of Unit Skylights



Solar Heat Gain



Clear/Nano 16mm 48 0.57 0.22 4.6

Sound Transmission
Unit Skylights - 70% Improvement in Sound Reduction

Skylight Type Sound Transmission Coefficient
Standard Unit Skylight 24
Unit Skylight Insulated with Lumira™ aerogel 34

Structural Skylights - 25% Improvement in Sound Reduction

Skylight Type Sound Transmission Coefficient
Structural Skylight with Polycarbonate Panels 21
Structural Skylight Insulated with Lumira™ aerogel 27

Benefits of Diffused Daylighting

Increasing natural daylighting in buildings has long been a goal in architectural design. Studies have shown that people thrive in natural lighting; they’re healthier, happier and more productive. Also, increased daylighting designs are proven to have a positive effects such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increase in sales up to 40%
  • Shown to increase learning rates (20-26%)
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • Promotes a healthier, happier work and educational environment

Environmental Certification

Today, the cost of energy is driving more stringent energy code requirements and builders and architects are looking for ways to turn daylighting designs into sustainable, cost-efficient energy designs. Nanogel is the answer as the only eco-insulation for high performance skylighting.

From MBDC's perspective Lumira™ aerogel is:


“An excellent technical nutrient which provides an elegant solution to the problem of thermal and sound insulation. The finished product is consistent with the MBDC Cradle to Cradle Design philosophy”


Available in Unit and Structural Skylights

Contact your local Commercial Representative for more information on Structural Skylights with Lumira™ aerogel.

Wasco’s Unit Thermalized Solar Energy Skydomes with Lumira™ Aerogel -
Wasco curb-mount and deck-mount Thermalized Solar Energy Skydomes offer excellent lighting and thermal performance for both new construction and replacement applications.

  • Offered in outer dome or pyramid styles
  • Designed to work with any roofing material.
    CA-LA Thermal Deck Mount CS-LA Thermal Curb Mount
    Model R.O. of Curb Model O.D. of Curb
    2852 22 ¼" x 46 ¼" 2852 25 ¼" x 49 ¼"
    3636 30 ¼” x 30 ¼” 3636 33 ¼" x 33 ¼"
    4242 37" x 37" 4242 40" x 40"
    5252 46 ¼" x 46 ¼" 5252 49 ¼" x 49 ¼"
    5296 46 ¼" x 89 ½" 5296 49 ¼" x 92 ½"

    Thermal Performance of Unit Skylights

    Polycarbonate Thickness Light Transmission Solar Heat Gain Coefficient U* R*
    Clear/Nano 16mm









    Wasco’s Sentinel Skylights with Lumira™ Aerogel
    Lumira™ aerogel skylights are available in Wasco's Sentinel Skydome™ Wasco's Sentinel Skylights with NanogelSkylight, an all-in-one skylight and fall protection unit providing facility managers, employers, and building owners with outstanding impact-resistant safety.

    With impact resistance at a minimum 775 up to 2,200 ft. lb., without the use of metal grids or screens, the Sentinel Skydome™ Skylight meets and/or exceeds ASCE 7-95 “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and other Structures" and OSHA 29 CFR regulations for skylight fall protection.

    Various Applications


    • Schools
    • Offices
    • Warehouse
    • Grocery Stores
    • Retail Environments
    • Big Box Stores & Malls

    Another High Performance Energy Efficient Skylight:

    LumiDuct Light Well Skylights

    A light well system that reduces heating and cooling loads while maximizing the benefits of daylighting.

  • Lumira™ Aerogel Thermal Units
    Specifications and Technical Drawings


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