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Glass Glazed Octagonal Skylight | Structural Skylights for High Performance Daylighting - Wasco Skylights


Octagonal Skylights   Photos


High Performance Skylight Design -- Classic .... specs/more info

Our light-framed, economical Classic Skylights for both pitched and flat roof applications - spans up to 8’ x 8’ in pyramid, 5’ by unlimited length in extended pyramids.

  • Standard pitches available include 5:12, 7:12 and 12:12.
  • Components are prefabricated for easy installation on site
  • Concealed fasteners and narrow framing members for clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Integral condensation gutters drain water to the exterior for full moisture control
  • Iso-bar thermal break around perimeter sill minimizes condensation on aluminum components

High Performance Skylight Design -- Pinnacle .... specs below/more info

For spectacular large-scale custom structures spanning up to 40 feet, and at any pitch you desire between 15° and 60°.

With its variable-pitch hinge design, the Pinnacle offers you the versatility of a custom configured structural skylight system with the reliability and cost savings of standardized engineering, construction and installation. Quickest turnaround time for custom built orders. Fast on-site assembly and installation. Benefit from high performance daylighting for commercial projects.

Support Configurations for Pinnacle Glass Glazed Pyramid Designs, including Hurricane Resistant Skylights:

Pinnacle 300: supports spans up to 14' wide. 3" aluminum rafter tube depth, (in a double pitch configuration).

Pinnacle 350: supports spans up to 18' wide. 3.5" aluminum rafter tube depth,

Pinnacle 600: supports spans up to 30' wide (in a double pitch configuration). 6" aluminum rafter tube depth,

Pinnacle 900: supports spans up to 40' wide. 9" aluminum rafter tube depth,

Pinnacle FSFG

Pinnacle Hurricane Resistant: 3.5” or 6" aluminum rafter, tested to meet 80 psf design pressure, and small and large missile impact. Available with laminated or insulated glazing.


Hinge design with infinitely variable pitch angles between 15 and 60 deg.
Hinge design with infinitely variable pitch angles between 15° and 60°